Spaces of Times

When visiting the artist’s studio one enters an amazing world of carefully composed installations, picture cycles consisting of several parts and fine specimens of proceeding activity which have one signature despite their contrariety: precise thoughts are cast into an immaculate form. Markus Krüger is a fine artist who keeps on working on a theme until he has come to fathom its contents and form and has achieved a result which is acceptable for him and which is beyond already established stylistic devices. After that he starts looking for new solutions for contents and themes he is then facing.

The term ‘Zeitenraum — Space of times’ coined by the artist defines the dimensional contents of his photography works of the most recent working period. Those recorded photo structures result from the time lapse in which the artist “circuits” his motif, thereby digitally taking the photo with a long exposure time. The photos thus obtained stay the way they are and are not further processed by means of computer technique. Within seconds a photography is composed of initially inexplicable structure; mysterious in its colours and of a special aesthetic enchantment.

Anne Sträter, 2008