Protocol of process and state

Markus Krüger studied with Professor Wolfgang Troschke at Fachhochschule für Design in Münster, Germany. This may already have initiated a sharpening of his perception of unfamiliar occurrences, of unusual conditions and processes which are hard to grasp, and a conceptual as well as informal approach.

Markus Krüger approaches his artistic subjects and subject areas from different persepectives, “methodically” distrusting any method. He focuses on developments in nature of which process is an inherent essential. In this analysis of process in his recent works, Krüger produces multimedia records of conditions, which he – according to the respective motif or subject – arranges and compresses into highly lyrical installations

The 13 piece wall-installation, Kyrill, consists of ink drawings, photographs (a 3 piece sequence of pictures), photograms, crayon-mixed techniques, found objects (the fork of a tree branch torn off by the hurricane Kyrill, in 2006), fragments (of the wooden floor of his studio), a text panel, and artifacts (a sheet of synthetic resin).

Markus Krüger succeeds in outlining the various facets of the confusion, the threat and the unexpectedness of the European hurricane, Kyrill, by using various media in order to create an impression of the process (in the series of photographs) and to state the outcome (through found objects and ink drawings), so that the viewers’ gaze, wandering about and scanning this complex and multi-focal arrangement, helps to evoke mental combinations and associations.

Andreas Moersener on the occasion of the exhibition Lippstadt AKUT 2013, Städtischen Galerie im Rathaus, Lippstadt: